Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A New Local Client - #projectdelicatenursery

I have been starting to take on more local clients and it has been fun to watch that part of my design business grow. The process, while just as amazing as e-design, is different. Presentations are in person, with a real, tangible design board! This newest project was fun and exciting, because I had the privilege of working on a girl's nursery. I named this design #projectdelicatenursery because the colors, fabrics and textures are soft, neutral and pretty. Here are some pictures of the design board before the client presentation...

Floor Plan Options...

The presentation went very well! My client is ready to move forward with the plans and I couldn't be more excited for her and this new adventure!

Nurseries are so fun to think about and design. There are so many directions you can take a baby's room. What is so unique about kid's spaces in general, is that they can become an extension of the design of the rest of your house, while also being a space you can switch gears and have fun with! Here are some of the inspiration images for our project...


I am excited to continue sharing this project along the way! 

Whether you live locally or far, we can work together. I am currently offering both local and e-design packages. Please e-mail me at simpledwellings1@gmail.com to get started. I still have a few spots available for the fall!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adding Some Color & Pattern to our Family Room

I always live by the idea that a home is never finished... I will constantly be editing, moving things around and finding that new perfect accessory for a space in my home. I have to keep making changes, because it makes home decorating fun and interesting! And it's always cute to see my family come home and say, what is this table doing in this room now? She's at it again!  :) Now with fall fast approaching, I thought it was time for some minor changes...

The blue chinoiserie urn was a recent antique find. I like the introduction of cobalt blue and this accessory feels collected and vintage, which adds character to the consoles. The coral x bench was a Target purchase. I also have one in our foyer and when they showed up again in Target and on clearance for only $17, I scooped one up right away. I know having two of these benches will come in handy to use as a pair or separately throughout the house. The chevron pouf was also a Target find. I had my eye on it since it came into the store for about $70. I waited and was very patient. Luckily, that paid off for me and I bought the last one for only $22!

By adding the cheerful , bright colors to the space, I smile when I walk in the room! I think these small changes are just what this room needed.

To recap, here is a picture of the space before these additions...


And After

Does the start of fall motivate you to make small changes, too??

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Before and After {Foyer E-Design}

A love a great before and after, don't you? It always amazes me to see how a space can transform with just a few changes! I have a great before and after to show you, today. My wonderful client and I have been working on several rooms throughout her home and she has been a pleasure to work with. Her and her husband have been plugging away at each of the spaces and are truly doing a wonderful job seeing the design vision through. Here is the foyer when we began working together...


We wanted to bring some pattern and texture to this space and make it a fun welcoming area to look at upon entering her house. A foyer is a very important room to consider, since it sets the stage for what's to come throughout a home. I created the foyer design along with the living room, since they are really one big space. Here is the design board I came up with, the foyer design towards the left of the board...

Design Plan

I wanted to create pattern on the walls with a new stencil. This helped to separate the foyer from the living room, while still making it feel like one design. To unify the spaces, we painted all of the walls in both the foyer and living room the same gray/white shade. That really helped to lighten up the spaces and allow the accessories to shine. Here are the afters of her foyer...


The stencil and the lighter walls really make the space, don't you think? I also love the way a room changes with just some paint. The door and trim looks amazing painted black! I love the way she pulled this space together. And thanks so much to my client for allowing me to share these photos here on the blog. :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tour Through Blogland

We recently got back from a family trip to Washington, DC and I loved it! We had a great time seeing the sights, eating wonderful food and relaxing and spending quality time together. I feel refreshed, energized and ready to jump back into things around here. I am excited to start my first post this week with a little tour through blogland. Beth of the amazing blog Design Post Interiors, kindly asked me to participate in this tour where you get a chance to introduce some of your favorite blogs while also meeting some new ones! Beth has some savvy DIY skills, like this pretty fabric flower pot she made...

Before we get to the featured bloggers, I will take a little time to answer some questions about myself and this little blog...

I started my blog a few years back as a way to talk about my favorite hobby... design. I never knew it would grow into more than that. I now have the e-design business Amber B Interiors and I truly love it!

What am I working on right now?
With the summer coming to an end, my client schedule is starting to pick up with amazing new clients and fun rooms to design. I am starting to take on more local projects and I am excited to see Amber B Interiors grow.

E-Design Project: Keeping Room

How does my work differ from others in my genre?
This is a tough one, because I know there are so many talented designers out there with so much to share. I would like to think that I have a twist on my own design style that mixes various eras but also has a collected over time feel to each space. When decorating for clients as well as myself, I try to inject a personal, meaningful style for every room.

Our Dining Room

Our Living Room

How does my creative process work?
I always start with some form of inspiration and that can come from anywhere. Inspiration can come from nature, a great book or even from a piece of artwork.  I also gather the information my clients have given me and constantly think about the space all day long! It's a good thing I love what I do. :) I then start to gather design inspiration on pinterest and get to work creating my design boards.

Mid Century Bohemian E-Design

Chic & Glam Foyer E-Design

How do I write/create what I do?
With the blog, I used to have a schedule and post every week about a certain topic. I have drifted away from that a bit and now write about what comes to me naturally. This works better for me at this stage, because I don't have the pressure to post at a certain day. I do like the idea of scheduled posts and topics and may get back to that at some point. I will happily take any suggestions you might have! ;) When I am working on client projects, I post about that process. And anytime I am trying out something different around our house, I will post on that, too.

Our new kitchen chandelier

With the design work for clients, I literally think about the space all day long. Eventually, something just hits me and the flood gates open. It's kind of funny how it happens... I just get an idea and start running with it. Once that initial inspiration hits, the room starts to come together pretty quickly. I build all of my design boards on Olioboard {which I love} and create my floor plans electronically through an on line floor planner. During the design process, I also take a lot of pen and paper notes, so my desk looks like a mack truck hit it! But it is all just organized piles of paper that makes sense to me. I have started thinking that I may need a better organization process soon, so my office can look more presentable. But this works for now!

And now the fun part for me... I get to introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers! I love their creativity, fun personality and their crazy amazing DIY skills!

Pam from the blog Simple Details has such an inspiring blog that is stocked full of design ideas to try. I am always checking out what she is up to next and she always amazes me with her vision on a project.

Hi there Simple Dwellings fans, I'm Pam from Simple Details. I dove into blogging almost three years ago, passionate about design, but hesitant that I wasn't tech savvy. Turns out it was simple, sometimes! I live in a little 1938 cottage in Denver, with my husband, son and our fur babies. Interior design and DIYs are my passion, oh and I should mention I have a bit of a Craigslist addiction. In fact, I could head up a support group!  Thank goodness for my clients and readers, they are the best excuse for my Craigslist stalking. While it leaves my family confused, to me it is all so simple:  stalk, locate, repair, paint, style, love, play musical furniture, and repeat! I also share my love for entertaining, gardening, fashion, and the Simple Details that make all of our homes and lives more beautiful.  

I love so many of her projects, but her foyer reveal might be my current favorite!

Next up is Cassie from Primitive and Proper. I have followed Cassie's blog for a long time and I am always blown away by her DIY projects. Her warm personality is just icing on the cake. When you read her blog, you already feel like she's your good friend! Cassie and her partners run Sweet Clover, a vintage home decor and handmade marketplace in Maryland. She truly lives life to the fullest and is following her dream, which I just love!

I am in awe of her DIY Pipe Shelves...

I hope you enjoyed the tour through blogland! Make sure to check out these amazing bloggers and their talents!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pictures of Our New Lantern Chandelier!

A while back, I showed a snap shot on instagram {amberbinteriors} of our new chandelier in the kitchen. I finally took some proper pictures for the blog! Ballard Designs always impresses me... my design clients are always happy with their purchases and I finally bought my first big item from them and was more than impressed. When pieces are even more beautiful and stunning in person than in the catalogue and on the web site, they have done a great job in my eyes! I have wanted a dramatic statement chandelier for a while now. I always tell my clients that if you think the accessory is a bit too big for the space, then it's the perfect fit. It's always those oversized pieces that get noticed and truly make the room. When I first opened the package, it was even bigger than I had imagined, which made me giddy!!

via my instagram

It was so well packaged and delivered very quickly. Some things take a while with Ballard Designs, because they tend to be backordered at times. But happy to say this arrived very quickly! And truth be told, even if I had to wait months, it still would have been worth it.

This is their Piedmont 4 Light Lantern in Brick Red. I like to use red as accents and I thought it coordinated well with our console tables behind the sectional. 

 our family room via my instagram

I love the brass detail on the inside. Eventually, I will switch out the bulbs for modern round options. Another way to keep it fresh and new! 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Hand Painted Wall Design

I am constantly inspired by design ideas and have lately been stretching my comfort zone to try new ways to express those inspirations into my own home. A room can completely be transformed through paint. Whether it's a whole new paint color on all of the walls or a special treatment to one wall section... paint can change a room's vibe and overall style. I have always loved designer Kelly Wearstler's unique take on design and the way she can effortlessly push the envelope. Take for example, her iconic foyer with those gorgeous coral walls...

image via Vogue

How cool is that picture?!? And then my jaw dropped again when I saw a similar style, but on drapery panels...

The home of Christine Dovey, designed by Meredith Heron and seen on Style at Home.

And I am in awe of this modern hand painted look also seen on Kristin's living room wall from the blog, The Hunted Interior...

I knew I had to apply it in some way in my own home. And if I got it totally wrong, it's just paint, right? There's really no tutorial for this project. Just some leftover white paint, a two inch paint brush and your creativity. I would paint a couple of brush strokes and then step back to make sure it was coming along how I planned. That's all there is to it! And my husband really likes it, too. He walked in and said, "wow, I really like it!" Win win for me! It was also a great validation for me that I didn't just do something completely crazy. :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

How I Built A Room Around One Chair

Where do you find inspiration when decorating a room in your home? Do you start with a fabric, some art or a color scheme? Maybe, you begin by finding an eclectic, must have chair and build the entire room around that one piece of furniture. I was recently asked by Chairish to do just that. Chairish, an on line site that sells curator approved treasures for your home, reached out to me to participate in a fun challenge... I had several vintage chairs from their site to choose from and I had to build an entire design around that one piece! I knew right away that I wanted to select a chair that had character on its own, was a bit of a break from my norm {to make this a true challenge for me!} and a show stopping piece with some color. Below is the mid century modern gem that I chose...

This iconic Arne Jacobsen style Egg Chair and Ottoman is a fun, chic addition to any space when looking to add some modern flair. I knew I wanted to design a living room space that didn't take itself too seriously, was eclectic and fun, while also staying true to modern roots. If you know my style, I always like to mix things up. My spaces tend to have several design styles tie in together. To me, it makes a room feel collected over time and unique. So a collected space that reads both modern and eclectic, fun and whimsical, was the direction I tried to go with. I hope you like it!

The Design

The egg chair was the jumping off point for this whole design and encouraged me to have some fun with color. Once this chair was chosen, I knew that the pillows needed to be fun, vibrant and full of pattern. Since the bright pops of color come in through the egg chair, pillows and art, I stayed more neutral with the area rug and the soft green drapes. The walls will also be a soft gray, almost white color, which allows the bright pieces to shine. I also selected some other pieces from Chairish, such as the Brass Bamboo Coffee Table and the Tripod Floor Lamp. I always love to mix metal finishes in a space, so these two accessories do just that. The stunning sunburst mirror in the brass finish adds a hint of glamour to the room, while the dipped wooden stool brings a rustic touch. For me, it's about creating that balance between different styles, textures and finishes. This iconic egg chair is a statement piece on its own and I hope that I brought it to life in this living room design. Make sure to check out Chairish for your next vintage find. To view more amazing vintage chairs on their site, click HERE. To find out where all sources are from the design board, click on the links below.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

E-Design Before and After {A Client's Gallery Wall}

You may have read some of my previous posts about my love for gallery walls... especially asymmetrical layouts around a television. Not only does it allow you to bring in color and pattern to a space, it's also a great trick of the eye to help conceal the TV. One of my wonderful e-design clients recently completed an arrangement on her media wall and I can't wait to show you the impact it made! Here is the before picture of the television wall...


Here is the design plan I came up with for the whole space...

And here is the media wall mock up I made for the gallery wall...

We incorporated her taxidermy art and her lamp, but added some fun new art pieces and a hint of brass in the mirrors. Here is the after...


I am so proud of the progress she has made!! You can even see a glimpse into her foyer on the left, with the gorgeous wall stencil. The boot umbrella stand, shown on the right side of the last picture, will go in the foyer. She is almost finished with the spaces, so there will be another reveal coming in the future. Thank you so much to my amazing client for allowing me to share these pictures here. She always has the sweetest things to say and it has been my pleasure helping her enjoy her spaces that much more! We also recently wrapped up her kitchen and dining space, so more designs to show, soon.

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