Sunday, January 16, 2011

I love a white kitchen

When looking though a decorating magazine or watching an HGTV show, there is one style of kitchen that always gets my attention- an all white space! There's just something about it that makes my heart go pitter patter! I love how clean and modern, or traditional and cozy it can become. The choice in finishes, appliance colors and style of cabinets can help tell your design story. For me, I like to juxtapose different styles together! I love the sleek look of stainless stell appliances with modern style cabinet handles. To add a touch of traditional, I love the look of schoolhouse pendant lights over a huge antique, furniture style island. I love the classic look of white subway tile as a backsplash with white quartz or marble counters. To make the kitchen appear as if it's always been there, I love huge farmhouse sinks with a gooseneck style faucet. To contrast all of the white, I love pale blue-gray walls with beautiful dark hardwood floors. Now that the finishes have been chosen, it's on to the details that make a space feel like your own. Choosing the accessories, drapes and seating will put your design stamp on the kitchen.  Below are pictures of beautiful kitchens where I can draw inspiration. The first three photos are from Traditional Home and the designer is Denyse Rinfret.

This next photo is from Coastal Living. Photo by Colleen Duffley

                                         The last photo is from Southern Living.
                                         Photo taken by Laurey W. Glenn; Ralph Anderson

                                      These marvelous kitchens are my great inspirations.
                                       I would love to hear what you think!
                                      Where do you find your inspirations?


Kat said...

There's nothing like a white kitchen! Funny...I had some of these exact pics in my file when designing my own. Which is still a work in progress. You can check it out on my blog. (Oh and I found you on Haven and Home's blog)

Simple Dwellings said...

Thanks for stopping by Kat! I will definitely check out your blog too! I am finding so many people love white kitchens! There are some great magazines out there for design inspirations. I read Coastal Living every month and also love to see what other mags have for their on line pictures!

Shannon said...

Just found your blog through Plain & Fancy. I have almost the exact dining table and light fixture as you in my kitchen dining space! And I used Powell Buff in my main living areas. To top it off I gave my contractor the same picture from Southern Living (the last one in this post) to use to design my fireplace remodel.
I think we are kindred (design) spirits. lol Your newest fan,

Chase Conely said...

It all looks so gorgeous, no wonder it inspires you. White is an all time favorite color and the reason why it’s a cool color is that can blend well with other colors. Portraying elegance and cleanliness is its primary effect on the room, and also in the mood of the people who lives and guest as well. I had a great time reading your blog for it give me ideas on how to decorate home. I’m looking forward to see more.

Chase Conely

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