Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Dream Client - The Dining Room

I often find myself daydreaming about completely transforming a space from scratch! Whether I'm designing for myself or pretending to design for someone else, I'm always thinking what to do next. I am not an interior designer and have never designed a space for a client, but I often daydream about the pretend experience! What would my presentation board look like? How would the reveal come out? So for now, it's fun to dream! Every now and then, I will post inspiration boards for potential dream clients! I am going to use only a few retail stores to create the space and show how a room can come together on a (sort of) budget. My first dream client space is the dining room! Many of you out there are designers or have been design bloggers for a while now, so I appreciate your honest comments! What else does this room need? (This is the first time putting together a design board like this! I had my husband help with the layout!!)

The vases are from Pier One Imports.
The gray and white wallpaper on the top of the board is from Design by Color.
The rest of the furniture and accessories are from West Elm.

Well, here it is! This was fun to do, and I can't wait to hear your honest opinion!
What would you add or change?


eclecticrevisited said...

I like the look and feel of these items..I think they look great together...would love to see a real room done in all these pieces...and doing a room on a budget is really kind of a good idea..a lot of people would like to have their homes designed very nicely but don't have the funds for it..and showing people how it can be accomplished inexpensively may very well net you a client or two..:)
great idea..

Simple Dwellings said...

Thanks so much, Maureen! That means a lot to me. It was really fun to do! Please stay tuned, as I will feature more rooms in the future. :)

Amy R. said...

Great job! I think you have selected lots of good pieces. I think it looks very modern and sleek. What program did you use for the design board? I think it looks great.

Flotsam Friends said...

I love it! I think the fact you can put this together is amazing. What a lovely dream to have and one that I'm sure you could fulfill one day. Starting with friends I'm sure they'd love a hand at decorating. I know I would. Pxxx

Simple Dwellings said...

Hi Amy!
We saved the photos then brought it over to powerpoint, to make into a presentation. After the images were there, we were able to move them around and change the size. We saved it as one document (j peg), then pasted it into the blog post. Hope that makes sense! I more or less watched, while my husband did it! :)

Stacey said...

Love the almost monochromatic look that you have going. Quite soothing!

Katie @ covestreetblog said...

I would love to have this dining room! Thanks for sharing. Your blog is darling!

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