Monday, September 5, 2011

Using Bedroom Dressers as Sideboards

When putting a design together, it's fun to use furniture pieces in unconventional ways. A designated "bedroom dresser" does not always have to be placed in the bedroom. My most recent e-design client was looking for a dining room transformation. As I was searching for new sideboards, I came across this elegant mirrored piece that was labeled "bedroom dresser."

When I went to the store to see it in person, I loved the scale of the piece and the soft velvety interior lining that was inside all of the drawers. I thought this furniture piece was a great addition to her modern, traditional dining room! The fact that it's mirrored gives the dining room an extra bit of glam and elegance. As I was searching for mirrored sideboards, I was surpised to see the hefty price tags! This dresser is very close in scale and style to the others, but at half the price. I know I have showed this before on the blog, but here is the complete design one more time:

Mixing finishes in a room helps to give the space an eclectic, lived in look. The height and width of most bedroom dressers would work beautifully as dining room sideboards and might also be the less expensive option! I have recently come across another great blogger who has a "bedroom dresser" in his dining room. Thrifter extraordinaire Mr. Goodwill Hunting was on the Nate Berkus show giving a tour of his budget savvy home, including his dining room. Stop by here to check it out!

What furniture pieces have you used in unconventional ways?


Holly said...

I've been searching and searching for a buffet piece for our dining room, and I think you're right that I might end up using a dresser as it would provide plenty of storage and as long as the scale is okay for the room I might just do it.

Jessie said...

Speaking of using furniture in unconventional ways, I am now typing on my laptop on my dining table instead of a proper office desk because I don't have one! I am planning to get one in the near future!

Adore that bedroom dresser that you picked!

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Don't miss it! Have a wonderful week!


Patricia Torres said...

That piece is totally gorgeous!! :-)

Modern Furniture said...

I appreciate your post on modern furniture and bedroom dressers.. Thanks...

jabroon piece said...

oak wardrobe
I LOVE it!!! The whole room looks just beautiful! I wish my little girls room looked this amazing.its wonderful dresser.

Mohd Imran said...
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