Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why This Works

Happy Thursday and welcome to the series Why This Works... where I highlight a designed space and talk about why (I think) it's perfection. This next family room/study comes to you via pinterest and definitely makes a bold statement!

While I am a classic girl at heart, lately, I cannot seem to get my mind off of bold colors and modern style. The dramatic green and blue on the walls makes a bold statement and it works! The neutral backdrop of the furniture fabrics, lighting and area rug help to ground the room and balances well against the bold colors on the wall. The warm tones of the wood tables and chairs works well with the bright hues of the paint choices and helps to tone the wall color down. The accessories on the shelves are carefully chosen and help to tie in the blue, while also incorporating a lot of white, which helps to lighten up the room. Also, the fact that the shelves are white helps to balance all of the color in the room. The natural woven shades are a soft touch and a subtle backdrop, so the walls can take center stage. The shape of the couch and leather chair with nailhead trim are traditional and work well paired with the modern use of wall color and mid century vibe of the coffee table and console. The large, white drum chandelier is a nice, neutral touch and helps tie in the traditional and modern elements in the space. Overall, this space works! (That's not to say that I am brave enough to paint any of my walls these bright colors, but I love the risk this designer took for a dramatic impact that works!)

What are your thoughts on this space?


Holly said...

I like that the back of the bookcase was painted blue. Otherwise, I'm not sure that I would like the space as much. I also like that they used that parsons table on the right instead of a traditional side table. It definitely looks more like a masculine space to me.

classic • casual • home said...

I like the artwork hung on the bookcase...not sure about the colors...perhaps too jarring for me. But I appreciate the statement.

Rene said...

I agree with you - classic girl at heart, but love to get my color "fix" through my more colorful friends.

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