Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If My Blog Was A Room - Next Up - Recently

Happy Wednesday and welcome the series, if My Blog Was A Room... where I pose the challenge to think of your blog as an actual space. What would that space look like? I am so excited to have Emily here, from her blog Recently. Emily's blog is amazing- she has finished some gorgeous DIY projects (the bookcase project is my favorite) and has become a new blog buddy! I love what she came up with for this series- I'm pretty blown away by her skills!

Here is her pretty blog header:

And here is what she came up with!

Hi everyone!  I'm Emily from Recently, and I must say, I'm incredibly happy that Amber asked me to be a part of her If My Blog Was a Room series. Not only because Amber is such a sweetheart and Simple Dwellings is one of my favorites, but also because it's been the perfect exercise to help me shape my vision and goals for my blog.
I hope each of you will enjoy what I came up with as much as I enjoyed creating it!

image via awesome space
Doesn't this room make you want to crawl in and never leave?  I could spend all day in a space like that, and I hope those who visit feel the same about my blog!

image via rue magazine
The room above is one of those "me" kind of rooms.  It's full of texture and life, but oozes comfort and warmth.  I strive for Recently to echo all of those things!

image via angie hranowsky design studio
Colorful, artistic, and unusual elements in a room always speak to me, and I love to bring those things into play on my blog.  Oh, and it's fitting that this room involves a kiddo, because you'll see a lot of those (mine to be exact) on Recently as well!

image via absolutely beautiful things
Last but not least, every room needs the final touches.  You know, those bits and pieces that bring it up a notch, making it delightful and invigorating?
It's always my hope that Recently's visitors will find those extra smidges of goodness that keep them returning over and over again.

Amber, I've loved turning Recently into a room!  Thank you so much for having me! 

Thanks so much for being here, Emily! I love what you came up with- it reminds me so much of your blog! Definitely stop by Emily's blog and stay a while!

After your visit to Emily's gorgeous blog, stop by Mandi's blog, Interior Design Musings. I'm guest posting over there today, sharing my Top 10 Favorites in Design! See you there! 


Holly said...

That last gorgeous vignette is the first thing I thought of when I visited Emily's blog for the first time. Her finishing touches and details (as she shows here) are so pretty and inviting. Recently is a space I'd want to hang out.

Emily | Recently said...

Thank you Holly! And thank YOU Amber for having me! I absolutely love this series!

Jessie said...

I love the images she picked. They are so fun and cozy at the same time. I am going to check out her blog and your guest post now.

Have a lovely day,, Amber!


Alena: Oh, It's Just Perfect! said...

Such a fabulous post!! I want every single room she posted!! I'm especially smitten with the wall of pictures--I need to do that in my place.

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

Love this!! I definitely feel inspired and comforted when I visit your blog, Emily ;)

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