Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why This Works

Happy Thursday and welcome to the series Why This Works... where I highlight a designed space and talk about why I think it's perfection. This living room is rustic, chic and appeals to my love of casual comfort!

Source: None via Simple on Pinterest

The color used in this space is the perfect amount for me- I love that the walls are a soft white, allowing beautiful accessory fabrics to take the center stage. Look at the fabric on that ottoman! It is the showstopper for me in this room! It is large in scale, which helps make the space feel more grand and serves its purpose of being both gorgeous and functional. I love seeing some pillows tucked underneath, ready to be pulled out when more guests arrive. The brown, armless occasional chairs are chic and the slight touch of gold works so well with the dramatic mirror over the fireplace. The rustic columns are stately and beautiful and work well paired against the modern seating. The overall layout of the seating makes for great conversation and gives a casual, yet balanced feel. The roll up bamboo shades on the windows gives the right amount of texture and lets the sun shine in, so you can see the beautiful view outside. The slight touches of black in the space, with the sconces, lampshades and ottoman legs grounds the room and adds a bit of glam. Overall, this space works!

What are your thoughts??


Emily | Recently said...

Oh yes, it most definitely works! My favorite is the ottoman. PS- did you see that you won my giveaway? Yay! I'll email you with details.

Alena: Oh, It's Just Perfect! said...

I want that ottoman in my house immediately!! I just love this space!

Holly said...

This one doesn't speak to me, but I can appreciate some of the elements. That upholstered ottoman is awesome, and I see some built-ins that I would love to have as well.

Brittany and Zach said...

Love this space and the pop of color! That ottoman is fantastic.

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