Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Accessories - The Final Touch

Since I started my blog last January, I have a newfound appreciation for accessories. There are so many great ideas out there for shelf styling, creating small vignettes and styling in general! I used to focus primarily on the larger pieces in the room, such as all of the furniture. Although that's extremely important as well, the accessories bring the space together, making the room look polished and unique. I thought I would share my favorite accessory groupings from pinterest, and then show some of my own that I have been working on in our home! So here goes:

Source: hgtv.com via Simple on Pinterest

And here are my attempts at accessory styling in our home:

It's fun to mix different styles and patterns when grouping accessories. I also love the look of a large collection grouped together- it makes the accessories look cohesive and pulled together!

How do you group your accessories??


Amy R. said...

I think it's a tough balance to find the right amount of accessories without making spaces look cluttered.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

You are so right that accessorizing can change a house. I adore the hallway with the veneer circles and the mitten framed. I also think you are doing an amazing job accessorizing your own place.

Beatrice @ becado.blogspot.com said...

I love accessories, but sometimes it is tricky. It doesn't look cluttered, but stylish and clean. I love how you used them in your home.

emily said...

Love your pinterest inspiration finds and your home is styled beautifully as well!

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