Monday, January 2, 2012

What's Your New Year's Resolution??

My New Year's Resolution has been on my mind lately! Throughout the year, every year, I always plan to
1. Work out more and
2. Keep up with tackling my home projects. (aka- actually finish a project!)
Most of the time, the first goal never happens and the second goal gets done when possible- usually taking a long time. So when I read Danielle's post about pairing down and simplifying, I knew what my resolution had to be! It was really time for me to purge what I don't need and keep things more simple. It's a win win situation, because extra items around your home can always be donated, going to a good cause, and you end up with the things that are most important and functional in your home. I really hope to stay with this resolution this year. Maybe when I start to declutter, I can find a way to better organize my life and actually find the things that I need when I am looking for them! From time to time, I will keep you up to date with how this resolution is going and now that it's in writing- it has to happen! (You are all my witnesses!) Here are some great organization images via pinterest.

Source: via Simple on Pinterest

Source: via Simple on Pinterest

What are your New Year's Resolutions??


Holly said...

I could spend a lot of time working in any of these beautiful spaces. I think that first image is the office of Amy Meier and I've loved that office for a long time. Happy New Year to you Amber! I've got a ton of goals on my list this year but most are manageable and obtainable and measureable which is so important. Working out is on my list this year because I've really let myself go since I had Sheila. I used to be a workout nut prior to delivering so I've gotta get back in that mode. And I'd love to stay organized too. I need to figure out a good organizational method for my magazines. These images will help give me ideas.

emily said...

I'm not a huge resolutions person, but those images above could definitely get me motivated to get organized!

arrielle_p said...

What a very organize places. So nice to work in there and a perfect place for blogging. :)

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Jessie said...

I don't have any new year resolutions but if I have any, it will be very similar to yours, too. Working out more to shed the pounds off and finishing the never ending home improvement/ decorating projects!

Happy New Year to you, Amber. Looking forward to read all about your decorating adventures.


The enchanted home said...

Those pictures sum up a big one for me....get even more organized. Throw out all the excess, I feel like I have too much "stuff". Started yesterday and it felt GOOD! I also want to lose some weight and exercise again and regularly. Thats to start.....I don't want to say too many then it becomes overwhelming...cheers to achieving our resolutions!

simply brookes: said...

love each and every one of your images. top one is one of my complete faves.

great post.

thank you for such pretty pictures on this tuesday.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Wow, those are some seriously inspirational images. I think I need to get organizing my house stat!!

About Last Weekend said...

Oh my gosh, if only I could be that organised. My office drawers are appalling. But tomorrow's another day!

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