Friday, February 10, 2012

Why This Works and Fashion Friday - V Day Edition!

Happy Weekend and welcome to the series combo of Why This Works and Fashion Friday all rolled into one post! With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to find a room and outfit inspired by the whimsical colors of the holiday! With hues of pinks included in main living spaces, I can only take it in small doses. This room strikes the perfect balance for me... enjoy!

When you tire of this vibrant color, it can easily be switched out in this room- the pillows, art, lamp shade and flowers can be traded out for several other colors. This space has a very versatile color palette and allows so many other choices in the future. I love that the walls, seating and area rug are very neutral and light, allowing the gold and magenta to take center stage! The black detail in the armchair, bench and coffee table ground the space so well. The small touch of chrome in the end table makes the space feel sleek and stylish, while the subtle details of stripes in the area rug and zebra on the bench add texture and interest. Overall, this space works!

What are your thoughts??

And now for the Fashion Friday post! Let's have fun with this room and see what it would be as an outfit!
Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink by simpledwellings2

For this outfit, I stuck with the same color palette of gold, magenta and black. I thought it would be fun to also include an animal print blouse, since the living space had such an amazing zebra hide bench. And with the weather feeling like spring in so many places right now, why not make this a spring inspired outfit!


Allison Egan said...

Love the outfit you styled!! so chic! The combo of black and white with pops of pink and yellow is wonderful.
xo Allison

amber wallace said...

That is one gorgeous room. And I love the outfit you styled. Man, I really need to work on my wardrobe!

Stacy Curran said...

Amber, this is exactly what I'm moving toward in my house. A feel like this where yo can switch hot pink for yellow in a minute without a total it!

René said...

Love this! Those yellow curtains are gorge! The outfit is too. Happy weekend!

Nat said...

I'm obsessed with this room! I'm pretty sure I recently pinned it on Pinterest. Your outfit is perfect esp that blouse!

Emily | Recently said...

I love what you did with this Amber! I love both the room and the outfit!

Holly said...

I do like how all of the furniture is neutral in this room to allow for new colors to come into play at any point in time. The only thing I question is the bench in front of the fireplace. I'd probably do two small stools or even just one stool to the side of the fireplace. I love the yellow draperies!

Ashleigh @ Illusive Print said...

This is my dream living space! I am loving bold colour right now - the combination of yellow & hot pink here is perfect! I love the furniture choice too and the fact thats it's not matchy matchy! Loving it :)! xXx

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