Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why This Works

Happy Thursday and welcome to the series Why This Works... where I show a designed space and talk about what I love! This living room is gorgeous and definitely has me thinking about beams! The homeowner decorated the house herself and more images of her amazing home can be seen here. We have two rooms in our home with ceilings just like this! The addition of dark beams is a perfect match for this type of space.

When architectural details are on the ceilings, it immediately draws your eye up, making the space appear larger. Ceilings with height are a great eye teaser, giving the illusion of more ground space. In our home, the two rooms with high ceilings are not very large, so the height really helps! Adding beams would enhance the look even more and allow extra depth and texture into the room. I love how this homeowner decided to keep the furnishings light, striking a nice balance between the dark beams and the light furniture. The beams and cabinets give a rustic, farmhouse quality to the room, making you feel relaxed and right at home. The slip covered sofas give a casual, practical feel, perfect for any family room space. I love the pairing of the drapery with bamboo shades, giving extra texture to the room. The task lighting and books makes you want to linger and relax for hours. Overall, this space works! Now off to show this photo to my husband- I think we have some beam installations in our future!  :)

What are your thoughts on this space?

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About Last Weekend said...

The black touches on the white are perfect!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

This is awesome. I love me a black and white room, and this one feels nice and cozy.

Jessica {The Aestate} said...

Love educational posts like this. So interesting to really analyze a space and why it works. Looking forward to more of this series!

charmaine said...

I have wooden beams in our family room and I'm not sure if I should paint it. Right now, it's orangey oak. I'd like to hear what you think if you have the time.


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