Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Italy Re Cap - The Countryside

Happy Wenesday! I wanted to thank you all so much for weighing in on my rug dilemma yesterday! I truly appreciate your honesty. That's why I put it out there. I knew you would tell it like it is! That's why I love writing on this blog. :) I'm still pondering what to do, so I'll keep you posted!

As promised, I'm over jetlag and ready to show you some amazing pictures from our Italy trip! When we lived in Germany, I always wanted to take a picture of a herd of sheep! I thought it would look amazing blown up in black and white. I never got the chance and always regretted it. We were driving one morning, and there they were! In small towns in Italy, sheep are often seen grazing and even crossing the street. If you're lucky enough to try and drive down that street while they're crossing, you'll have quite the wait! This time, they were in the grass just to the left of the road. We quickly stopped the car, and I snapped a few pictures! I hope one of these will be the large black and white image on our wall!

I think the first image is a keeper! I love how the two sheep in the bottom right are looking right at me in the first picture! Just beyond the sheep was the highway, so I had to stop every once and a while to make sure I didn't have large trucks in my shot. I really love the simplicity of Italy. Everything is so laid back. There is no rushing everywhere, no hustle and bustle. Most small shops and restaurants still close from Noon-3:00 for rest and nap. I love that! People come home from work, all to spend some time together during the day. What a way to live!
These next pictures are from a family friend's farm (say that 5 times fast!) This is a complete working farm with cherry trees, grapes, chickens. We even left with a fresh batch of eggs for breakfast! They were so gracious to host a lunch for us, cooked all from scratch. We had risotto, pork, polenta and apple cake. It was all so scrumptious! Here is a picture of their growing corn field:

It was so peaceful there! Next up is a beautiful bed and breakfast. Some of Mike's family stayed there while we were visiting. The scenery here was gorgeous. It's a beautiful, serene place. I had to snap a few pictures!

The last image is of the lobby. I love that the owner parks his motorcycle inside! It was a beautiful place, complete with a pond and a gorgeous villa on the grounds.

So that's part one! Next up will be what we ate, and cities you have to visit!


Like Me Some said...

Doesn't Italy have the yummiest food ever?! my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

pam {simple details} said...

I can just picture a b & w of those sheep, I LOVE them, too! What a great piece with a wonderful sentiment it would be.

About Last Weekend said...

What great pics, sounded like you had such a good time. Love how he parks his motorcycle there too!


what an ideal vacation-looks so relaxing and i bet the food was amazing-thanks for sharing!

Laura Roe said...

Hi Amber. What a lovely post! We are planning an Italy trip this minute! Can. Not . Wait! Do you know where you were when you saw the sheep? We plan to stay in villages as apposed to large cities. I think your photo will be an excellent wall will smile every time you look at it! Thanks,Laura

Maureen at The Inglenook Decor said...

sooo gorgeous! the Countryside is always so serene & relaxing.

Simple Dwellings said...

Thanks for your comment! We were in some town near Vicenza, but you can probably find sheep in most smaller towns. How exciting that you're planning a trip! I will be writing more about ours, so make sure and check back again soon. :)

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