Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Go- To Paint Colors

When I'm sourcing paint colors for a client or choosing for my own home, I am drawn to a few favorites that always work! I almost always choose Benjamin Moore paints and use their line of Pure Performance, Low Odor paints. They are self priming, go on great and hardly have any odor. They are also supposed to be their green option for paints, because of the low VOC's. So, it's a favorite! Here are my go- to colors:

Alaskan Husky

This is a very light, blue/gray that works with so many other colors. I have used it to bring warm and cool tones together and for a light, serene backdrop. It's also the color choice in our master bedroom, kitchen and family room.

Our Family Room

This is a very pale gray with a subtle hint of green. I have to find a place for this in my home! I did just suggest this color for a client, and I can't wait to see it completed!

This is a true gray. It is a lighter shade, and will go with just about any color!

This is a beautiful shade of pink that resembles ballet slippers. I can imagine this hue paired with gray or green!

This is a classic, deep blue great for an office, bedroom or dining room. It can be paired with white, yellow, orange or red.

This a deep and bold brown that almost appears black on the walls. This color looks amazing paired with coral, turquoise and gold.

Our Living Room

This is a great color for doors and stair railings. it's a muddy gray/black with a hint of brown. I'm a huge fan!

Our Foyer

This is a fun color in small doses. I would love it for the back of book shelves or on a door! Here, it's used on a ceiling and part of the wall- beautiful!


So there you have it- my favorite paint colors! I always like to go with an eggshell finish for walls. It's scrubbable with just a light sheen.

Do you have a favorite go - to paint color? Is is on this list??


Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

I love all the grays, and especially am happy to see the Queen Anne pink. I've been wanting to repaint the bottom portion of my dressing room (the pink in there currently seems a little too young for me) and the top is gray, so this pink might work better!

The enchanted home said...

LOVE these colors, have used classic gray and its wonderful Alaskan husky is beautiful!

Anselm Armando said...

You certainly know how to pick colors that would make an entire house look beautiful! I absolutely adore the Hale Navy color. It’s a very nice fit for the bedroom because the dark shade of blue would help make the room cooler. It also has that relaxing effect on you when you see it, which would be great, as you do want to relax when you’re in your bedroom.

William Gulliver said...

Titanium is really a great color for a room. It’s actually the one we used in our family room. It somewhat gives a peaceful ambiance to a certain room, which makes people feel relaxed. I would love to stay in a room like that most likely when I’m reading a book.

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