Friday, August 10, 2012

Why This Works

Happy weekend and welcome to the series Why This Works... where I highlight a designed space and discuss what I love. Today's sitting room is from the home of Jacqui Getty and was seen in the 2011 issue of C Magazine.  Enjoy!

What first gets me about this space, besides the zebra ottoman, is the amazing corner gallery wall! I just recently suggested this idea for a client, because it's a creative way to make use of the corner of a room!  The pictures are hung in a random, asymmetrical way and the frame finishes are different, making this side of the room so stylish and fun! It's such an achieveable look, because we all have mismatched frames around our house and there is no right or wrong with this frame layout. It can be a mixture of art with family photos and it really draws your eye to that side of the room. I also love the corner table vignette, with the gold lamp and fresh flowers. Every room looks better with fresh flowers!  :) The gold is then seen again in the space, with a small accessory bowl on the right side of the image. A room's accessory color always works well when the color or finish is repeated throughout the space. The gorgeous cane chair and sofa are painted black, giving them a modern edge. The wall color is a light, airy neutral, along with the seating's upholstery and window shade, to allow for the showstopping ottoman to take center stage. I love large ottomans, so you can put your feet up and layer books. Overall, this space really works! To see more of this amazing home, visit here

What are your thoughts??

I first came across the idea of a corner gallery wall, when I saw my blog friend Elizabeth's hallway! Look at her amazing framing and styling work:

Isn't is beautiful?!? I have to find a corner in my home to try this. Check out Elizabeth's blog here. Have a great weekend!  :)


Stephanie said...

I love the corner gallery!

Annie H. said...

Love that zebra ottoman!

Sistergirl said...

Fabulous I will try it soon.

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

I love this idea. Makes a usually uninteresting spot inspirational!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I like it! That ottoman totally rocks :)

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Thanks for including me Amber! I love the cane couch and chair in the inspiration pic!! :)

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