Friday, August 24, 2012

Why This Works

Happy weekend and welcome to the series Why This Works... where I highlight a designed space and discuss what I love.  This gorgeous living room was designed by Nate Berkus Associates and can be found on his site here. Take a look!

What I love most about this room and the firm's design aesthetic is the curated, layered look they give to spaces. This room looks like it has evolved over time with its mix of antiques and modern accessories. It looks so liveable and effortless, but we all know that takes time and is not so easy to achieve. The dramatic globe chandelier makes you take notice and must reflect the light beautifully at night. That modern light is juxtaposed with a rustic, wood beamed ceiling, adding a nice contrast. The walls and subtle striped floors are the light, neutral backdrop for the pops of color seen in the sofas. I love the color combination of golds with deep teals. What also doesn't go unnoticed is the mix of different wood and metal finishes. The brass drum side table works well paired with the bronze metal fireplace gate and stools. The deep mahogany coffee table works well with the black painted wood hutches. The black is then repeated throughout the room, with the floor lamp shade and area rug. Overall, this space works! To see more of the firm's design work, visit here.

What are your thoughts??


pam {simple details} said...

Such a beautifully collected and inviting room! Enjoy the weekend!

Melissa@TheHappierHomemaker said...

It's beautiful. I love the layered look you mentioned-there is just so much to see. I can imagine spending an hour just exploring the accessories!

Nikki said...

This is such a great space, there is so much to look at.

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