Wednesday, November 14, 2012

7 Table Styling Tips

If you are anything like me, your coffee and end tables are not always styled to perfection. Life gets in the way- newspapers, magazines and just about anything can take over! Just before you're about to upload house photos on pinterest, share on your blog or get ready to entertain, check out my fast and fun styling tips!

1. Pair the simple with the unexpected. A stack of books looks unique with a magnifying glass, or a treasure on top!

2. Bring everyday items together with sculptural pieces. Here are more books! They are the best first layer to any table. When something sculptural is placed on top, it instantly adds texture and interest.

3. Fresh flowers- one can never go wrong with that!

4. Whimsical Bookends! These can be placed on a console or even a large coffee table. Your favorite book will always be nearby, while also looking stylish in the meantime!

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

5. Baskets! They are a great way to add texture to a space while also a perfect spot for storage and small books.

6. Small frames filled with the ones you love! That is always the best accessory. (Check out the side tables, not Uma and John!)  :)

7. Place a bowl of found treasures on a table. It can be nature inspired or something that reminds you of a fun outing!

Do you have a favorite styling tip that is not on this list?? Please share!


Simply LKJ said...

Great tips!

pam {simple details} said...

You did a great job covering everything, I have my pine cones ready! :)

Calypso In The Country said...

Great ideas - I love adding natural elements.

emily said...

These are such great tips and will be super helpful as I decorate our new place!

Abi K. said...

I absolutely like all these ideas. I am in the hunt for two night stands for my room. The one on the picture above is lovely. As far as table displays, I usually like to keep a cute tray where I can keep the tv remote control, coasters, etc.
Abi K

flooring Honolulu said...

Thank you for sharing this home decoration ideas. Homeowners really love to do some twists on their home decors to add more life to it and these you have shared are very useful. I particularly love the use of flowers, baskets and picture frames. Again, thank you for sharing.

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