Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Client Before and After: Art on the Wall!

My recent post here showed some e-design projects I have been working on. I am super excited to show some afters today, with the art installed in the master bedroom! It literally feels like Christmas morning when I get these after photos in my inbox. Since I am not able to be there in person with e-design, it is so gratifying to see the vision come to reality. So thank you so much to my client for these photos!  :)

My client was looking for a trio of art pieces to go above the bed. Here is her room before the art:


Isn't it a beautiful space?? And here are the afters, with the new art all framed up:


I love how the art finishes that space above the bed, and my client did a great job installing them! Originally, I had suggested different frames, and my client decided to go with this similar version. I think they work beautifully, and it goes to show you that two minds can definitely be better than one! I love the collaboration between client and decorator. It makes it such a fun partnership! The fabric like matting adds great texture to the wall space and the antiqued silver frames balance well with the dark furniture.

Thanks again to my client for allowing me to show these photos on the blog. The amazing art can be found here.


thefarmfiles said...

Great artwork! I'm so glad the client agreed to let you share the 'after', and so glad you took the time to do so!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Yes, it does look great! Art brings a space to life!

Brooke G said...

looks great! I just love the stencil that you did too in the kitchen!

Nathan Betters said...

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