Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{Before and After Shots} More is Definitely Better

Do you remember my post HERE about the floppy curtain dilemma? If you read that post, you'll know that I tried to save money and not buy as many curtain rod rings for our drapery panels in the kitchen. Big mistake! I ended up with a droopy mess that looked like this...


I am usually in the less is more camp, but not with this project! More is definitely better. I used a whopping 17 curtain rings for these 54" panels! Even though my arms were getting tired reaching to clip them all, I am so happy with how they turned out!


I can't believe I went from 7 rings to 17 per panel! I actually did these drapes differently than my living room and dining room panels.  With those rooms, I just went with a certain number of rings and hung them up while evenly spacing them out. This time, I started with the outside of each panel and used them as I wanted. If I needed more, I just popped some on the rod from the other side. {Instead of looking at this as making so many mistakes before finally getting it right, I like to think of it as just getting better with age. Ha!} I have the same drapes in our family room, so it looks like I'll be headed back to buy more rings... again! Ugh... it never ends. But, at least I know now how to tackle this problem. Here's a run down:

* Start with the outside part of the panels when using the rings.

* Work your way across, pinching the back of the panels as you go and clipping the rings to the back of the panels.

* More is definitelty better when it comes to drapery rod rings! Clip every two inches, or so.

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modern jane said...

Such a pain.. those darn things can be expensive! Looks great though!

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