Sunday, February 24, 2013

{Trendspotting} Mixing Metals

In my latest i village feature, I was asked to name a big design trend happening in 2013. It didn't take me long to think about mixing metal finishes for a room. To achieve a layered, eclectic look in a space, a brushed nickel lamp base can sit near a brass accessory, without worry. Just like it's fun to mix jewlery with gold and silver in one outfit, the same can be done with your space. I've always been in the thought to 'include the things you love' in your home. If you absolutely love it, then it works! Here are some spaces that achieve a layered, collected look by mixing metals and forgetting the design rules.

Bronze with Chrome

Iron and Brass
Source: via Tina on Pinterest

Bronze and Brass

Stainless Steel and Bronze
Source: via Baldwin on Pinterest

Brass and Chrome

When you see specific examples, you realize that it's not so obvious. These spaces just look layered, well balanced and personal to the homeowner.

Have you mixed your metals lately??

Will you be watching the Oscars tonight? I always get excited to see what everyone's wearing. Isn't that why we all watch??


Simply LKJ said...

I love the mixed look. We are currently updating our kitchen appliances with stainless, but have ORB hardware on the cabinets and doors.

rsgiunta2 said...

Love the idea of mixing metals and am thinking of possibly doing the same when we renovate our kitchen next year. I've just started a design blog of my own and am inspired by yours! Thanks for the great post!


Stacey said...

Yes, sometimes there's no getting around it. I love the looks of mixed metals. Great a d informative post as always:-)

P.s. thanks for all the love too:-)

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