Thursday, January 16, 2014

House Proud {A Design Book Review}

When I was recently contacted to do a book review on a gorgeous interior design coffee table book, I couldn't pass up the chance. I am so glad I went for it, because once I opened the book and started looking through some of the stunning interiors, I knew I had found a new favorite! The book is titled: House Proud- Unique Home Design- Louisiana by accomplished New Orleans interior designer Valorie Hart. In her first published book, Valorie highlights some of the best interiors the state of Louisiana has to offer. From the formal Greek revival house to the modern urban loft to her own abode, the essence of Louisiana's homes and charm are evident on every page. Take a little peek at this amazing book...

home of Leah Giraud 

home of Leah Giraud

The home tours featured a 'Takeaways' list, which gave tips on how the look was created and how you can duplicate the idea! I especially loved the idea above, which shows a twin mattress turned into a reading nook/platform bed. By adding a white slipcover, it looks like a custom furniture piece!

home of Leah Giraud 

home of Kellie & Mark Soileau 

home of Sean Yseult & Chris Lee

The Louisiana charm and history is clear when looking at the gorgeous home exterior, above.

home of authorValorie Hart & Alberto Paz

home of Valorie Hart & Alberto Paz 

home of Jeff Burrell & Ron Carrier

All Photography by Sara Essex Bradley

Now do you see why it's a new favorite?? What I think I love most about this book is the approachable design aesthetic each of these tours gives the reader. We can easily take away ideas from these homes and achieve them in our own spaces. The featured designs are beautiful and functional, which is a winning combination in my book! Thanks so much to Sara over at Glitterati Incorporated for this book to review!

Get your copy HERE!!

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Sandra said...

Amber! I have this book and love it! My daughter gave to me for Christmas. :) All the rooms are different and that's what I love about it.

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