Friday, January 17, 2014

How to Turn a Digital Pattern into Wrapping Paper!

When a representative from Pattern Pod reached out to me and said I could choose from their gallery of digital prints and make it into something amazing, I jumped at the chance. Pattern Pod is an on line company that allows you to transform digital patterns into almost anything from wrapping paper to fabric! They work along with Spoonflower to make those dreams a reality. First, you find a pattern you love and purchase the digital image through Pattern Pod. Then, you visit the Spoonflower site and choose what you want to do with your uploaded pattern! The pattern pod site has so many different patterns to choose from and some come with an option to also change the colorway. I decided to choose a pattern and turn it into wrapping paper!

The paper came no nicely packaged! I quickly opened it up to check out my pattern. I chose Pattern 46 in Aqua. I thought it looked like delicate snowflakes, which is perfect for any gifts given throughout the winter months. The paper is sturdy and made of very good quality. I quickly got to wrapping for some parties coming up in the near future.

{A little closeup to show how nice the corners came out!}

I would not pride myself on being the neatest present wrapper, so for the gifts to come out as good as they did, that means the paper was amazing to work with! I am so happy that I found out about this company. There are so many ideas and ways to make the patterns come to life. I would love to one day line the back of my bookshelves with one of their patterns and turn a pretty pattern into a new pillow fabric! You can also use the patterns for digital use, such as enhancing the look of your social media pages and blogs.

To purchase a pattern and start imagining the possibilities, visit their site HERE!!

Then, turn that pattern into something amazing over at Spoonflower!


My Garden Diaries said...

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant! I so love this idea! Thank you for sharing this! I am always looking for interesting prints to frame and use for various projects! A happy weekend to you! Nicole

Dee D said...

I like that idea and it turned out great. I'm about to try using fabric to cover a box and I'm a little worried about how it will look. Oh well, here's hoping.

Andrea Mowery said...

Wow - what a great idea! I love your pattern. Thank you for sharing your find!

Lindsey Gerrish said...

I hadn't heard of this before! This is great - I included this post in my "Last Week's Loves" post this week :)

Jake Grant said...

Great idea. Since could upload our own pattern, this means we could customize our gift wrappers and choose something unique instead of going for the usual pattern, right? That would be brilliant, I’ll have the face of my favorite characters on my gift wrappers from now on. Jake @ =D

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