Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Statement Chair With One Kings Lane

I was thrilled when a representative from One Kings Lane reached out to me to discuss the topic of statement chairs. This was right up my alley, since I have always considered myself a chair person. I love and appreciate so many different styles and when antique or market shopping, I always make a straight line to the furniture! This amazing site features a home decor resource guide that introduces you to the history of statement chairs from any design era you can imagine!  I have decided to show one of my favorite chairs in our house... the timeless and classic Windsor chair. My chair is a modern version and is a reproduction, but its homespun, traditional quality still shines through. During the height of the more ornate furniture designs, like Baroque, England introduced this humble and classic piece that is still so popular today.

Rather than being a centerpiece in the room, it is an accent and is part of our dining room set. I think what I love most about a Windsor chair is the ability to mix it with modern decor, to give it a fresh, new take on a classic piece. Although it's a timeless shape routed in tradition and simplicity, it can also appear more modern against a table with clean lines. I paired our Windsor chairs with modern pieces, by adding a clean lined hutch and dining table to the room and also by bringing in contemporary art and accessories. I have often thought the chairs would look amazing if painted a bright color. {Maybe a rich teal/blue color!}

The most important thing to do with any furniture in your home, is to have fun with it and make it your own! Thanks to One Kings Lane for including me in this series and reminding me about one of my favorite furniture pieces in our home!


emily said...

Those chairs are such a classic! They look great in your dining room!

Andrea Mowery said...

I love the mix of classic and modern, too. Love your dining room!

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