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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Dining Room is Beginning Its Transformation!

There is nothing like the holidays and company coming to get your act together and finish design projects. As if this time of year isn't busy enough already, I have decided to add one more task to the list... painting my dining room! Call me crazy, but sometimes I work better under pressure! I have committed myself to one wall a day, with some time off in between. That will be a very manageable way for me to complete this on time. I am a very slow, meticulous painter, so one wall a day allows me to take my time and not get too sloppy when I'm dog tired! Here is one wall down...

Don't mind the painting supplies in the right corner! 

The new color is Halo by Benjamin Moore. It's part of their off white color collection and is a putty gray/green color. On sunny days, it will appear more white and when it's cloudy, you can truly see it's gray/green color. I decided to paint all of the walls, including the wainscoting. With this lighter color, I thought it gave interesting depth and dimension to the walls. The art also works well with the new color and the white background pops against the walls. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I had a stencil above the wainscoting for this wall. Here is the before:


While I loved the trellis pattern on the stencil (and still do), I was never happy with the contrast of the dark walls. We have wallpaper in our foyer, and I just thought it was too busy for this space. I was looking for something lighter and brighter. Don't worry- this stencil will show up somewhere... stay tuned on that one! I still have three more walls to go and over a week to complete it all!

Wish Me Luck!!

The after shots also show some holiday decorating and new placemats. More on that soon!

Are you like me and decide to make fast home updates right before holiday company arrives??
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